Example of MFC in use, End Panel, Kitchen

What is Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)

MFC or Melamine faced chipboard is a very poular decorative faced board with many uses. You will infact probably have at least 1 item made from this material in your home already. 

The board being light yet strong and durable has been the popular choice for furniture manufacturers for a long long time. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, desks, flatpack, shelving etc are a few of the things that are generally made up from MFC. Knowing this its no wonder that its one of our biggest sellers with customers wanting to repair or replace existing melamine pieces in their home.

Are you wanting extra storage shelves in wardrobes .. MFC

Are you wanting to replace tired end panels ... MFC

New bathroom cabinet .. MFC

Garage needs extra storage ..MFC

Kitchen sink cupboard suffered a leak ...MFC

New Kitchen cupboard doors on a budget ... MFC

Now that you get my jist on its uses ... and yes there are many more, I can explain what we can offer in regards completing these suggested projects. Firstly we can cut the sheet material so any size that you require making your job much easier and we can edge any of the raw edges that are visible in a matching melamine edging.

We also stock many many items that you could need to make this board into furniture from hinges to connecting bolts we have what i consider anything you may need.  We also deliver this anywhere in the UK for FREE.

So with all that in mind all you have to do now is choose which colour you would like ....... oh and theres many many colours for example: 

Beech, Maple, Oaks, White matt, White gloss, Black Ash, Grey, Cream, Walnut..... the choice is vast. 

So to summarise,  what seems to be a not very exciting product with just a bit of planning and little work you could completely transform a room or just a simple piece of furniture at very little expense. 


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