Update your kitchen on a budget

Update your kitchen on a budget

The kitchen is probably the most used room in the home withstanding the most wear and tear over time. From kids slamming cupboard doors to dogs scratching at the treat cupboard this room takes a hammering. 

Over time doors can hang funny, vinyl wraps get scratched, hinges are worn, handles are outdated OR we just fancy a change and with budgets being tight at the moment we have re-introduced our low budget Kitchen Facelift range. 

Kitchen facelifts can be as simple as just changing your existing doors and drawer fronts there is no need to rip out and restyle if your current design works for you. This is ideal for rental properties who's tenants have not been too careful or for a quick spruce up to sell a property. 

In our range we offer low cost plain and simple yet durable and stylish cupboard doors at standard sizes these should just replace your existing with no fuss. We have end panels and plinths all in matching colours so the complete kitchen can have a fresh new look seen in the example below. 

Our door exchange range isn't necessarily just aimed at kitchens in the home its perfect for Staff rooms, Surgeries, Salons and Office space as the minimal design of the doors makes them durable and easy to clean.

We are excited by this new line for us at GateDIY but this is something that we did and we did well when we had our store in Stockport so we are going back but we are doing it better than before. We aim to increase colour options and add extra products in the very near future so keep your eyes out for that.

These doors are very easy to order just a few clicks and you have re-vamped your kitchen at very little cost and with our Fast and Free Delivery you will have the job done in no time !!


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