Upcycling kitchen cupboards and adding more storage space

Upcycling kitchen cupboards and adding more storage space

So unless you are lucky enough to have a brand new shiny kitchen then its quite possible that yours is a little tired looking and seen better days.

For all the use our kitchen's get its no wonder they end up with wonky hinges, broken shelves, scuffed panels and sticky drawers. If your like me lets face it the surfaces that are seen get the daily clean and attention not the easily hidden nonsense behind the doors.

What skeletons hide in your cupboards ? 

  • When you open doors do jars of herbs and gravy granuals fall on you ?
  • Has your leaky under sink plumbing water damaged your shelf ? 
  • Cereal boxes stored crushed or on an angle because the shelves are too close ? 
  • Drawers wont open or close properly as the runners stick ?

Whatever your hidden kitchen horror all is not lost we can upcycle and save you pennies in the process. 

New hinges can replace old, as can drawer runners and handles but also you can replace kitchen shelves very easily with our range of ready made ones. Whether its a replacement or simply adding more storage with a simple measure and online order we can get you fixed up in no time. 


These are available in various colours and sizes to suit most standard fitted kitchen unit... or any cupboard to be fair. 

The fact is now given how tight budgets are changes and improvements can be made to what is potentially the most expensive room to kit out for a fraction of the cost of a rip out. 

And of course we happen to supply all these little necessary pieces that you may need so next time your drawer jams, your door hangs off slightly or your herbs fall out allover the place due to lack of storage we are able to exorcise your kitchen demons 



.        Oh and by the way ...We wish you a spooktackular Halloween 


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