UK Sanctions against Russia and how it affects us

UK Sanctions against Russia and how it affects us


We have received purchasing advise from our suppliers that there is to be a change in how we are buying our tools and fixings. For obvious political reasons we wont be supplying anything that the iron or steel content originates from Russia. Suppliers from third countries outside the UK will have to provide certification proving that the tools, fixings and fasteners that they manufacture do not contain Steel or Iron originating from Russia.

We as a business will be taking all steps and precautions to ensure that we  comply with all regulations but to be fair as a small company selling to Mainland UK our biggest reassurance is that  our distributers are on top of all this and keeping us updated so that we can keep you updated. 

So from 30th September 2023 these import changes take place and you can be certain that all goods we buy will fall within the guidelines. We wont get too political on a small business DIY blog post but we like many other countries DO NOT STAND WITH RUSSIA and we support any acts that the Governments are taking to make a stand . 




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