New brand new logo same excellence in product and service

Summer Solstice 2023 brings new change for us.

Its the first day of summer and the solstice is normally a very holistic celebration but we have decided that a new season deserves some big change for us. 

Gate Diy Supplies as you know us will be no more.. We have rebranded and refreshed our company adding some excitement and drive to our business. 

We are now GateDIY a registered trademark, an actual brand !!

This will not change our strive for excellence in both product and service but it does mean a big deal. Our products are owned truly by us our business is formally recognised and stamped as such. Some selling sights are making this a must as listings can be taken by other companies or competitors could effectively steal listings as their own ( its so naughty ).

We should have done this sooner but here we are all branded and raring to go. 

Its like the first day back of a new school year for us we have not only a new logo and a brand name but we as women needed to bring something in for us .. clothes.. we brought in clothes... New uniforms which even include new shoes so we are all fresh and focused, The only thing missing to complete the new term feel was a new pencil case !!

So for you this new rebranding means that we are fully commited to expanding our ranges in all departments we want to sell more lots more. We are 100% committed to upholding our traditional products and services that have kept us so highly sought after by returning customers but we want to add products and new lines weekly.

 This buzz that we feel really ignites the drive and confidence to push forward and progress what is already a very established very successful business BUT today we promise a future of growth. 

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