New Year 2023

New Year 2023

Here we are a new year another circle around the sun completed and not much has changed has it ??

I dont know about you but its not really New year New me its more New Year same us same excellent service but with some new products. I dont believe in these amazing changes just because the clock struck 12 I dont like the pressure it puts on us. Social media is full of New year weightloss, New year gym, Brand new season in clothing lines everything changes as soon as Big Ben chimes but why ??

Yes I could definately do with cutting back on the calories and more exercise would be beneficial BUT in regards to life why wait until the 1st of Jan or why change so much at all. If it aint broke dont fix it or on the flip side make any changes needed because you want to or your ready to not because such a person from Love Island screams about it. January is a good starting point no argument but its also a month of financial strain and emotional drain for some. So if you havent made your resolutions or you broke Dry Jan by the 2nd so what !!!  2023 is 12 months long you could use any one of them to make your change. 

For us we have had an amazing year with business growth, products being added and us generally just working better as a team and its felt good for months so no we wont be making bold new changes or statements. What we will continue to offer is the same personal touch sales approach, we will endeavour to provide the best service possible and the best range of products possible at the best prices possible. . . . .Consistency is key 

So i wish you all a 2023 full of Love and Laughter ...... and hopefully some pegboard or flexible plywood thrown in while your at it hahaha. 

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