Is the cost of living crisis making us all more DIY enthusiasts ?

Is the cost of living crisis making us all more DIY enthusiasts ?

There is no hiding from the term "cost of living crisis" its everywhere at the moment reminding us all that times are hard. Its also no secret that many many families are struggling financially due to all these rising costs and expenses life is throwing at us, its scary times and we are all tightening our belts i imagine.

But if the lockdowns of 2020 taught us anything its that we are a determined bunch us Brits and if a pandemic wont stop us making little changes to our homes and gardens then a crumbling economy definately wont !!

We as a DIY retailer have definately noticed that sales have crept up and up not the opposite which was what we kind of expected BUT the keyword there is DIY. As times are so hard the majority of people are taking on home projects themself to save on costs and as the weather improves I expect that even more DIY will be taking place be it in gardens or homes. 

With the help of Youtube videos and pages like Pinterest its becoming so much easier for people to take on tasks they may have paid for help with now and that again I do think was possibly spurred by the lockdowns when we couldnt get help in our homes from outsiders. But with budgets on a minimal the DIY enthusiast has really no reason not to try and complete the project themself. 

Also with the general public feeling such a financial pinch less are booking their holidays abroad this year and holidaying at home or at least UK based. As again we found in 2020 when people dont spend on lavish or foriegn holidays they tend to spend more on their homes making the changes they dont normally budget for.

So in effect we are becoming more cost effective in our lives so much so that the budget does allow a little home made changes and seeing as though we are spending more time at home these days we are keen for them to look as good as we can achieve... just for less !!

I really hate to sound like we are benefiting from the misery of others but i really dont think I am what i see is that us British make the very best of a bad situation and we dont let it stop us. We are stubborn and we are determined and we are all now doing DIY hahaha ...... I just hope the divorce rate doesnt rise with our sales !!!!




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