How to save money on your energy bills

How to save money on your energy bills

Its no secret that this winter could be harder for us than seasons past given the rise in our energy prices set to peak in January, we will all feel this in our pockets. Many homes will be stretched to breaking point choosing between food and heating and this doesn't sit well with me or this company.

You can make small changes around your home to help your energy be used more efficiently, we can all be more energy aware to save excessive use and expense. As it stands we may not have much choice to but to accept these price hikes but we can certainly try our hardest to reduce our outgoings....(feeding the fatcats isn't in my plan or budget)

My tactics at home to save my hard earned money involve...

- Don't overfill the kettle

- Use clothes maiden not dryer when possible

- Close doors and windows to keep the heat in

- Switch appliances off when not in use

- Don't overuse chargers turn off when the battery is full

- Turning off lights in empty rooms 

- Dressing gowns and fluffy pjs  (just an excuse to live in this more)

All this will make an impact on my energy use and in honesty its stuff I have been lazy with before now. 


How can we prepare for the colder weather NOW ??

There are positive actions that you can take now to help keep the heat that you are paying for in your home and not lost to draughts...

- When did you last check window or door seals for damage or wear and tear ?

- Are your internal doors allowing draughts in from the bottom or side gaps ?

- Are your UPVC windows on the older side and allowing heat to escape ?

- Does your letterbox have a cover on the internal side ?


We as a company ( and as bill payers ourselves ) are passionate about not being beaten in the upcoming months by these energy companies charging extortionate prices. We have decided to act early and have created a specific stock list dedicated to Heating Your Home. We are going to be providing solutions or at the very least minimising the strains that are being put onto households. Our draught and insulation range will be made up of products that suit even the smallest budget.... this is about saving money after all. 

So to put it in the simplest form YOU need to act now to ensure your hard earned heating will stay inside your home this winter and you can do that by carrying out little checks around the home looking for spots where heat could escape. In return WE can provide you with the items that you may need to seal the gaps and insulate the home and we promise to do this at the lowest possible prices ..... we may not have the yellow Asda packaging but we do have the same low prices promise.

That's all from me I hope you all stay warm and toasty this winter . x



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