Flexible bendy plywood and its uses

Flexible bendy plywood and its uses

Flexible bending plywood is a specially constructed sheet material that has bendy properties allowing it to create arc shapes and curves. 

This board is extremely versatile with its flexibility and has many uses within the building or DIY industry. 

Around the home you could create radius ends on islands or end panels, its perfect for alcoves and can be used to create bends or curves in room designs. 

Furniture makers or crafters also have uses for this material and its definately one of biggest selling lines. 


Is its strong ? 

Flexible plywood is strong but obviously lacks the rigidity of standard plywood, the main function of this board is not its strength but its flexibility. 

Available in various thickness's there are variations in its strength in a given situation. 


Where is flexible plywood used ?

Anywhere that a curve or flexibility is needed. This board is ideal for shopfitters, home renovators, furniture makers and craftsmen 


How do you bend flexible plywood ? 

As soon as you hold a sheet it wants to bend it has no rigidity at all but if crafting or constructing at home it may be easier to hold your bent into shape plywood using clamps so that it doesnt flex back. 


Did somebody really buy your flexible plywood to make a Dalek ? 

I am very proud to say yes they did and im sure you agree the finished result is absolutely amazing, its so refreshing when our stock is used for a fun purpose as opposed to practical. This was a great example of flexible plywood in use. 





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