DIY Store Near Me?  Do Hardware Stores Still Exist??

DIY Store Near Me? Do Hardware Stores Still Exist??

Why does the term Hardware sound so old fashioned ? I mean we all still do DIY and use all the little bits of screws, bolts, nuts and washers so what we calling them these days ?? ( answers in our instant chat if you like haha )

Seriously though let me let you into a little secret .... Hardware stores do exist... We are one !!

If your old enough to remember the days of the highstreet hardware store you would remember a little aladins cave full of old metally smelling bits that your Dad or Grandad would get really excited about. These little independant stores were run by a man that ACTUALLY does do DIY so CAN advise on the right screws or hinges etc, these became large chainstores that sell everything from gardening to plumbing to electric to building supplies, and these stores are quite often staffed by school leavers who may possibly have never held a screwdriver in their life. 

So when I say we are a DIY store i actually should say Hardware Store as thats also what we are. We have a huge range of items that the larger chains just dont stock be it specific hinges for both internal doors or cupboard doors or drawer runners for your existing cabinets. We stock alot of products that are valuable for replacing existing items in your home that the larger stores or manufacturers deem obsolete 

Next time your project requires specific hardware items Im asking that if you cant find it in our ever growing store to message us and ask the question because I would put money on it that we have it or can get it for you. Also with our fast and free UK delivery service you wont be waiting very long no matter your location. 


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