Creative space design, transforming my dj booth with wall paneling

Creative space design, transforming my dj booth with wall paneling

Me again here with another new product announcement .....

So this one started with a home project for myself and developed into an item we had to share and offer for sale !!

As a bit of a kitchen DJ myself i have developed what i can only describe as an obsession for all things involved even down to wanting the best area in the house for me to lose myself in my music mixing... The kitchen has become this place its a large space and we have space to entertain my crowd ( family memebers haha ). No really I have always considered the kitchen to be the most social part of my home so it made sense. 

The area that my booth is was thrown together at the start of my learning journey and although it was ok it wasnt perfect. With the purchase of a new controller arriving I decided this is the time to make my area something special so with the DIY skills of my partner (an actual DJ) we took on the transformation. 

Now heres the work part of the story, we decided we wanted a very simple classy stylish look very minimal but with something special so we decided on stripped wall paneling as per the picture. 


So this is what we used, simple MDF strips all cut to size by our very skilled cutter and boss Mike. The MDF was backed onto a 4mm board as our walls arent great and we needed a perfect flat surace. This was a little time consuming but with good adhesive and a spacer to ensure exact spacing of each strip we created something quite special. The feature wall that suited the area and our vision perfectly. 



Here we have it ... so far. We havent yet finished with the little extras but you have to admit the wall paneling looks amazing and creates the best back drop when Im live streaming my little sets. 

Th reason Im sharing is that this design and simple to fit kit that we supply is perfect for Music studios and similar creative spaces to what I have made at home. Or its also a very simple classy design that would create a beautiful feature wall or wall section in any room, maybe a tv backdrop or a headboard who knows.

The wall paneling kit I know will be as popular as the other designs that we supply but the point of my chat was to let you know the DIY products we do arent just about home or living spaces they create fun and inspiring rooms also. 

Thanks once again for taking time to read my little chat.



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