Creating the perfect sales listing for an online retail store

Creating the perfect sales listing for an online retail store

Hear me out when I say sometimes i forget how clever i am when im creating a sales listing on our website store !!

What i mean by that is that as someone who has been in the Diy Retail industry for 20+ years I obviously know alot about the trade so when im selling a product my initial ideas arent always the best for selling. For instance I would list a sheet of Melamine as just that Melamine board ... does Joe Bloggs or Jane Doe know what melamine is or are they googling and searching for shelving, end panels or replacement cupboard doors ?? 

I think its best to assume the customer is searching the most simple terms or uses of our products that way I am listing a use rather than a trade name for a product hopefully making it easier for potential customers to find and understand. 

As a customer of online stores myself I know how sometimes it can feel like a question or enquiry is a bit silly or obvious so you dont always ask, but I hope that our store is easy to navigate and that our listings are simple enough for everyone to understand. This side of retail is an on going job in itself as everything progresses and to stay relevant we have to adapt and stay on top of current search words, uses for products and new products on the market. 

This brain fart comes directly as a result of me looking at our store, or answering customer questions and I am wondering could we sell more if I just tweek at a few things, I cant always assume the customer knows what they need they just know what they want to achieve. 

So while Im on this train of thought here are a few examples of what I am talking about  some of our products with their uses or potential seach terms explained : 


MFC / Melamine .... This is a faced chipboard in many colours its uses are shelving, cupboard doors, end panels, boiler boxing in, furniture making. 

Plinths  ... kick boards, footboards, these are the spacing panels that fill the void between the bottom of your cupboards and the floor.

Gable Ends... These are basically end panels on say wall units or base units in the kitchen but also bedroom wardrobes or drawers could have these panels. Some gable ends are integrated into the cupboard so say the left or right hand panel is the gable its part of the structure BUT in case of simple facelift you can add a end panel onto existing units to create a fresh look. 

Pozi cap .. Little caps cover your screw holes in furniture disguising them just adding a nice little colour matched touch. 

Laminate ...  A very thin sheet material with a decorative finish laminate offers no strength of use but more used to face existing panels, tops, shelves or ends to create a nice new finish. 


I am sure there could be many items that I should explain but my point proven is that sometimes im just too clever.. i know too much hahaha. 

In summary of this little random converastion IF your ever on our site and unsure what a product is or you cant find what you think you need please make sure you ask and we are very happy to help you 


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